Professional Counselling

Sometimes in life we may need help through our difficulties. I am here to listen with empathy, kindness and acceptance, and to help you receive healing and positive change. I counsel adults 18 years and over and counselling is confidential.

My fee is £40 per 1 hour session.   A concessionary rate is available.

Areas covered include Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding areas in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.

I have over years experience as a counsellor and have a Diploma in Counselling (Keele University.) I have extensive experience in the following areas:


You may be feeling overwhelmed by life’s problems, and feeling stressed in your everyday life. Anxiety can bring on panic-attacks which can be distressing and debilitating.

Counselling can provide you with tools for dealing with anxiety and lessoning the debilitating effect of it in your life.


You may be feeling very low, unhappy, despondent, deep sadness, despair and hopelessness. Depression may also be experienced as tearfulness and finding it hard to motivate yourself. As a result of depression you may be feeling lonely and isolated.

Counselling can really help with working through a depressive episode. In counselling you will have the freedom to explore your feelings and the ways which life can improve whilst living with depression.

Low self-worth

You struggle to accept yourself for your true self, and may be highly critical of your behaviours, feelings and appearance. Low self-worth usually comes with hating your body and a difficulty in self-acceptance.

Therapy enables you to gain tools and ways of living that vastly improve your self-acceptance. This is a process that begins in counselling and continues to grow as time goes on.

Suicidal thoughts

These thoughts can have overwhelming emotions of not wanting to live and thoughts of how to commit suicide. These thoughts are sometimes known as 'suicidal ideation'.

Counselling helps to dispel the taboo of suicide by bringing it into the open and looking at, and working through, all the feelings around your suicidal thoughts.

Loss and grief

This can be any significant loss in life, from loss of a loved one to losing a job or relationship. Grief is what we experience following a loss and can include a deep sadness, tearfulness, depression, insomnia and trouble focussing on everyday tasks.

Counselling will help you work through the ‘tasks of mourning’ and enable a safe and healthy environment for your journey through grief.


You may be cutting yourself or hurting yourself in some way to help with difficult emotions. You may be using food, sex or alcohol, for example, to manage your emotions and numbing the pain of them.

With counselling your reasons for self-harming and addictions will be explored to get you to a point of a healthy way of living through support and non-judgemental help.

Child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse and emotional/psychological abuse

Whether you have been abused as a child, adolescent or adult. Abuse can result in many emotional issues such as low self-worth, depression, anxiety, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. Self-harm can also be as a result of abuse, where you may hurt yourself, as a way of coping with the trauma.

Therapy will help tremendously as it will enable a safe environment for you to talk about your particular abuse and to work through the pain and grief that often is associated with abuse. You will be given tools to enable healing for your inner child.


“I sought Mary’s professional help when I was suffering with anxiety. I felt lonely at the time that no one understood how I was feeling. Mary was kind, compassionate and patient. She helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was, and helped me gain useful skills to help me deal with anxiety. I highly recommend Mary as a counsellor.” Christine

“Mary is a very good listener. She has such empathy and really helped me understand my thoughts. She provided me with the tools to help me manage my feelings.” Jane

“I have found the experience to be a very positive one where I was made to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in order to realise my true feelings. Mary’s support and professional guidance with complete confidentiality assured was invaluable.” Isabel

“I can highly recommend Mary as a counselling therapist. I began seeing Mary for counselling therapy when I was going through a relationship breakdown and found the sessions to be both supportive and beneficial. It helped me process all that I was going through and take positive steps forward.” Kim

“Mary is a wonderful counsellor with many years' experience. She possesses all the tools in abundance, to facilitate good quality therapeutic relationships. She's non- judgemental, confidential, trustworthy and reliable. She possess outstanding empathy, compassion and understanding. She quickly and naturally creates the core conditions to ensure the client feels utterly safe and comfortable. She's real, authentic, genuine. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone needing counselling therapy.”   Simon, Counselling Supervisor

Contact details

Contact details:

0798 696 2502

Counselling is also available by Zoom, WhatsApp video, or by phone.

There is a dog on the premises who is friendly and gentle.